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Defense Reminiscent of the 80's and …

By: DeathValleyReaper


Tommy Bowden has said that during the last four games of the 2003 season, Clemson's defense reminded him of the type of defensive units which used to guard "Death Valley" at the height of Clemson's success.  If the old Danny guard is listening, that is good news for Clemson Football, even if the current coach puts a folder in his pants rather than a chaw in his mouth. 


Fast forward to Fall 2004.


On Saturday during Clemson's first scrimmage, Justin Miller sat out with a sprained ankle and Leroy Hill was only in on 18 plays.  Even so, the Defense dominated the scrimmage.  "The defense came in here and kind of dominated, had some enthusiasm and had the upper hand," said Bowden.  It seems as though the defense is picking up right where they left off or at least as much as one can after a summer of only conditioning, and no one or nothing to hit but the weights.  Whatever the case, if the defense is playing well, Clemson will have the opportunity to win every game on their schedule.  It is very possible that the only Defense that should scare Charlie and his Tigers this year is the Clemson Defense.


Lastly, I would be neglecting my duty if I didn't mention one more thing.  As good as the end of last year was and as fun as a Tommy Bowden coached team is to watch, there is one other thing besides the 80's defense that I hope returns to the Valley of Death.  Absence of the "woo hoo".

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