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Tiger Rag Preservation Society
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Our mission statement is an important guide for the direction of our campaign.


Our Mission

We believe that the "woo hoo", yelled at the end of Tiger Rag at Clemson athletic events is a wussy souding chant.  Our athletic competitions, specifically football, are aggressive and the "woo hoo" detracts from that aggression.
Clemson University has athletic traditions that can rival those of any campus in the country.  The Rock, the Hill, the Paw, and now......the woo hoo?  Opposing fans that come to Death Valley make fun, and when we visit other campuses sarcastic woo hoos are heard throughout their stadium.
Our goal is to bring together Tiger Fans who want to see the "woo hoo" gone and to give them a forum for organizing their anti-woo hoo efforts.  We hope to use this site for collaboration as well as offer a safe haven for anti-woo hooers to express their opinion without being blasted for it.  Your support is critical. Together we can rid Tiger Nation of the "woo hoo".

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