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The Tiger Rag Preserver   
Volume 1 | Issue 2 | 03/09/2005

"If you're going to give 110 percent you can rub my rock.  If you're not going to give 110 percent, keep your filthy hands off my rock."  -  Frank Howard

Frank Howard Addendum:  "If you are going to do that pansy 'woo hoo' stay out of the stadium that I helped build."


New TRPS Strategy:   Replacement "cheer" to yell at Clemson sporting events 

Click Here: to Vote for the top slogans you would like to see replace the "woo hoo".

Clemson Football DVDs Available  

As a service to the loyal Tiger Fans that frequent the Tiger Rag Preservation Society Web Site, we will be making available DVD copies of various Clemson Football games.  The games available at the moment are the Miami(FL) and South Carolina games from 2004.  Cost will be approximately $10 / game.  If you would be interested in obtaining a copy of either these games, please send a request to the following address:

"Ban The Woo Hoo" T-Shirts Available  

We are Clemson and in Tiger Town football is always in season.  Make sure to get your BTWH T-Shirts in time for Spring Football and wear them to the game to show your support for the Ban The Woo Hoo "GrassWeb" movement. 

FREE "Ban The Woo Hoo" E-Mail Account  

Get your FREE TRPS "Ban the Woo Hoo" E-Mail account by going to the main page( ) and clicking on the "TRPS Email" link.  You will receive a personalized address like this:  You will be able to show your support for the BTWH movement with every email that you send.  

TRPS Spring Football "Blitz" 

We're bringing our Linebackers, Safeties and Corners on an all out Blitz on the "woo hoo" because we have nothing to lose.  Our goal is to reach 800 people this spring (100 people for every year since the woo hoo started being heard with any significant volume in Death Valley).  We are asking everyone to email a link to the TRPS web site ( to 10 people.  We hope that if the link comes from a friend or family member that it will be more openly received and that our message will have more impact.  Thanks in advance to everyone for your input, help, and support.

Tiger Rag Preservation Society: Ban the Woo Hoo